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About Heather Kent

Having served as an assistant state’s attorney for over 13 years, Heather Kent’s legal career has been firmly rooted in public service.  Ms. Kent has gained extensive trial experience, litigating hundreds of bench and jury trials, evidentiary motions, and hearings.  That experience has been invaluable.  In finding Ms. Kent qualified for judicial office, the Chicago Bar Association noted: “Ms. Kent has extensive trial experience and is well regarded by defense counsel and the judges before whom she appears for her knowledge of the law, legal ability, and excellent demeanor.” 

Ms. Kent values that her job as a prosecutor is to pursue justice, not merely convict.  She is routinely tasked with making decisions that impact victims and defendants accused of crime.  Whether cases are resolved by plea or trial, these courtroom decisions affect both the accused and the victim for the rest of their lives.  As a lifelong Chicagoan, parent, and active community member, she does not take that responsibility for granted.  Currently assigned to the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Division, Ms. Kent has been afforded with the incredible opportunity to work with and on behalf of some of our community’s most vulnerable victims.  In cases where violent offenders have unleashed pain and fear on the community, she zealously fights for those offenders to be convicted and sentenced to terms commiserate to their crimes. Ms. Kent’s balanced perspective and the wide array of cases I have handled and tried as a career public servant make her uniquely qualified for judicial office. 

  Throughout her career, Ms. Kent has sought to treat colleagues, defense attorneys, judges, victims, defendants, and courtroom personnel fairly and respectfully. On a daily basis, she witnesses challenges facing the criminal courts, including a lack of trust in the equality of the system.  Influenced by her work in juvenile court, where she practiced the balanced and restorative justice model, when evaluating her case load, she works to make offers that are fair and just.  She routinely explores alternative treatment options on low-level, non-violent offenses acknowledging that we, as a community, are served far better when an offender reenters the community with the tools to succeed and not reoffend. 

As her parents taught her, a person’s life is not simply measured on one scale.  As a young girl growing up in Rogers Park, she witnessed both of her parents, also native Chicagoans, work tirelessly as civil servants.  When her father moved out of state, her mother set an example for Heather and her brothers, balancing parenthood, education, and work while maintaining an active voice in her community.  Her exemplary character has been Heather’s guidepost.  As a wife, mother, public servant, community up-stander, and active volunteer, Heather endeavors to provide a similar example to her two young children.  She routinely organizes and participates in volunteer opportunities to help better understand and appreciate the community she serves.  These include organizing a book drive, packing food and gathering supplies for undernourished children living in poverty situations, championing winter housing for the homeless, and teaching citizens and children in the Chicagoland area about the prosecutorial function in law enforcement. 

Throughout her career, Heather has appeared before a wide array of judges and has learned to appreciate the importance of a fair and just tribunal who is well-versed in the law.  Citizens should have confidence that their cases are being decided fairly and in accordance with the law, free from outside or political pressure.  Ms. Kent has the demeanor, intelligence, and fortitude to honorably fulfill those duties as a member of the judiciary.

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